Bassling [Leeton]


Living in regional Australia led Jason Richardson to sample landscapes instead of records.

Bassling aka Jason Richardson is a musician based in Leeton, New South Wales. He’s been experimenting for decades with contact microphones, which are used to reveal the resonances within objects.

“In a way they invert your soundscape, as you are hearing the vibrations of the landscape from a point within. A point influenced by the physical properties of the object.”

An interest in site-specific work has made landscapes a theme in Jason’s creative practise.

“Richardson is defining a niche of playful, minimalist music… I love the inventiveness, the audacity and the fun.” - Playgroundology

In addition to exhibiting in galleries, Richardson publishes music and videos using the pseudonym Bassling.

In 2019 he published Earthwords as part of his solo exhibition at Griffith Regional Art Gallery.

“His interdisciplinary approach is shaped by concepts found in literature and poetry, classical and modern art as well as underground music.” - Gallery media release